The Island Country Club

Deer Isle, Maine

Rules of Etiquette

Start play on the 1st tee, unless the Club House approves a start elsewhere. 

Repair all ball marks and divots.  

Rake bunkers. This includes your footprints. Please leave rakes outside of the bunkers. 

Keep all carts off tees and greens. 

Slower players should allow faster players to play through.

Groups are limited to four players. 

Our grounds crew is constantly working to keep the club looking and playing in prime condition. Please yield to all workers for everyone's safety.

All players, both members and visitors, must sign in at the club house before teeing off. 

Only those with a driver's license are authorized to drive golf carts.

Alcohol may only be purchased in the clubhouse. You may not bring your own. 

Players are responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by golf balls they hit. Report any damage or injuries to the clubhouse.

Local Rules

All play is governed by USGA rules with the following exceptions: 

  1. The ball is to be played down. NO WINTER RULES
  2. Swampy area is casual water. Lift with no penalty. 
  3. In the case of a "Lost Ball", playing a provisional is recommended. 
  4. Out of Bounds - White Stakes
    • Hole 1 - Over wall to left and past white stakes on left
    • Hole 3 - In or over road on right and over wall at back of green
    • Hole 4- Past white stakes on the right   
    • Hole 8 - Past white stakes on left and back of green
    • Hole 9 - Past white stakes on left
    • Ball comes to rest inside tennis court is out of bounds. Players are allowed complete relief from tennis court fencing. 
  5. Each player must have his (or her) own set of clubs. NO SHARING.
  6. Soft spikes only. 
  7.  Please keep all riding carts and pull carts 30 ft from the green.

Free Relief

All protective fencing, including tennis courts. All cart paths and service roads.

Complete relief plus 1 club length, no penalty.