The Island Country Club

Deer Isle, Maine


The Board of Directors consists of the Officers of the Club, who are also members of the Executive Committee, and the Chair (or Co-Chair if applicable) of each Standing Committee of the Island Country Club.

The Board of Directors meets 4 times at the Club House throughout the regular season. 

The meetings will be on Wednesdays and start promptly at 4pm. All members are welcome to attend. 

Meetings will be June 23, July 21, August 18, and September 15.

Officers and Executive Committee

Dana Douglass

Sam Ostrow

Ryan Hayward

David Greiwe

Emily Hawkins

Michelle Bannister

David Greiwe



Co-Vice President

Co-Vice President



Assistant Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs

Richard Eaton

Jeannette Parker

Jon Hellstedt

Emily Hawkins

Kenny Wiberg

Eliza Childs

Dick Dunham

Ryan Hayward

Linda Allen & Babette Cameron

Jon Hellstedt

Mike Parker, J. Walter Epply 

Building Committee

House Committee

Grounds Committee

Membership Committee

Men's Golf Committee

Ladies Golf Committee

Golf Handicap Committee

Golf Tournaments Committee

Tennis Committee

Youth Programs Committee

At Large Member