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2016 Weekly Report 2 - May 9

Posted on May 11, 2016 at 3:15 PM

Countdown to Club Opening -- May 13 2016

 Four Days to Go!


 So very much got done last week. Golf shirts, hoodies, hats and other merchandise were hung on the display racks with care, and new merchandise arrived and was unpacked for display. Old furniture was repainted in our new colors by our wonderful ICC women's brigade and new appliances were hooked up and tested. Spring cleaning began throughout the Club, although the weather was mostly of the winter variety we didn't really have. The tee markers are up, the greens manicured and fertilized and the fairways pattern cut. There are notices and news up on the bulletin boards for Men's Golf, Ladies' Golf, the First Tee and Tennis, and the Billings League and Twilight League are being organized. We also noted an influx of long time members from "away," wherever "away" might be. And, once again, work was happily put aside for adventure tales and for demanded tours of our new facilities.


This week, furniture is being put in place, Jon and Sharon are finishing staining the new wood in the Great Room and new lights are being hung, the golf carts are being readied for use with a new pattern for getting and returning them, the computer systems and software are being tested, and everything polished for our Opening Day. We can't wait to raise the flag.


 All this news and more, immediately below.


News of Golf:


Opening Day Scrambles -- Scrambles is back, and it is starting earlier than ever. As the Clubhouse officially opens at 9:00AM Friday, those who sign up for Scrambles either at the Clubhouse or on our new on-line sign-in email, will tee-off for a 9 hole event. The kitchen will NOT be opened (see below) but there will be coffee and soft drinks. And, for the first time ever, you can sign up for Scrambles on our new website -- That function should be working later this week.


Billings League -- Billings League starts Thursday Night, May 12, at which time the course will be officially in play. Out of bounds and hazards will be marked, so-called "winter rules" will be ended and scores for all members in all play must be posted. But,


Temporary Local Rule -- the protracted cold weather has delayed the fairways healing from last fall's aeration. There are still plug holes on some of the fairways. As a temporary local rule, you may examine your ball to see if it is in a plug hole. If it is, you may replace it at the nearest point of relief, no nearer to the hole. If you are not in a plug hole, you must replace the ball as it lay.


Twilight League -- a sign-up sheet for Twilight League is posted on the Men's Golf board at the Clubhouse or you may sign up by sending an email to Kenny Wiberg ( The first meeting and practice round will be Monday June 6 at 5:00PM. At that meeting the participants will decide on a starting time for the weekly event and learn their partners for the season, which will be set using a handicap system posted on the board.


Handicap Computer -- we have a new laptop computer, thanks to Ken Wiberg, to post scores and look up handicaps, next to the Manager's office. At some point soon, Dick Dunham will inactivate all of the members, and re-activate those who have paid their handicap maintenance fees for the year. The rules for handicap posting are on the bulletin board adjacent to this computer. There is also a box for depositing attested scorecards. Computer entered scores and signed scorecards will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and compliance with the USGA's "peer review" standard.


News of the Clubhouse:


Kitchen Opening -- the kitchen will open for lunch Tuesdays through Sundays and breakfasts Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays on Friday, May 27. There will be some test cooking earlier that week, but do not plan on food being available. A reminder -- lunches must be ordered at the Great Room service counter and will be delivered there as well (we will not be bringing meals to the tables this year). Breakfasts and K-pods for the coffee machine will be purchased at the pro shop desk, with breakfast delivered at the Great Room service counter where the Keurig machine and coffee supplies will also be located. No food is to be consumed in the pro shop. Beverages will be sold at the pro shop counter and at the Great Room service counter.


Food and Merchandise Pricing -- Great News. With the help of Janet Snowden and our wonderful food service providers, the prices for most sandwiches, salads, soups. specials and other kitchen prepared items will be about 10% lower this year than last. However, there will no longer be a member discount on food purchases. It is simply too hard to administer for the staff and our accounting systems and the price cut is equivalent to the discount. Beverages, which were never discounted, will be sold at the same price as last year. The member discount will remain in place for all merchandise purchases, except for sale merchandise, which right now includes many good quality logo shirts, hats and accessories from last year's inventory. Stop in beginning Friday and pick up yours!


The next four days will be hectic -- but we want to make the Club to be as perfect on opening day as it can be. We hope many of you will join us, hopefully Friday, if not then, soon.


Fore! On the tee ...


 Bill Haskell

Club House Manager


 Sam Ostrow

Co-Vice President

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