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The 94th Season Ends

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Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot

The armless ambidextrian was lighting

A match between his great and second toe,

And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting

The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum

Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough

In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb---

Quite unexpectedly the top blew off:


And there, there overhead, there, there hung over

Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,

There in the starless dark the poise, the hover,

There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,

There in the sudden blackness the black pall

Of nothing, nothing, nothing --- nothing at all.

-- Archibald MacLeish

There are as many different ways to understand the Old Club’s 94th season as there are of understanding MacLeish’s poem. Your editor has an insight however, perhaps because MacLeish and I both grew up in Glencoe, Illinois, albeit MacLeish about 50 years earlier. Simply think of the Island Country Club as a circus, with three rings (golf, tennis, Clubhouse?), filled with performers of various functions, with varying predictability in both performance and behavior, going about their activities in a year with peculiar difficulties, and being at once both in the rings and observers. Then, while perfectly on time but in our minds unexpectedly because we want the summer to never end, the time to perform ends and we are left with …


The shadows on the golf course are now exceptionally long at 5:00PM instead of after 6; in the mornings the sun takes longer to remove the dew if it can at all; there are deepening reds and intensifying oranges in the trees beyond the 7th green; the geese look to the south as they waddle across the 5th fairway; and the deer are eating everything they can fattening for a winter that is almost always harsh. In our minds it seems the season’s end is quite unexpected, because we want the season never to end. But nature is reality, and the reality is that soon there will be nothing but darkness and dreams of the next summer that is sure to come.


More practically, the registers will be turned off soon, probably this week. In the mornings, Patty’s word remains law. In the afternoons, Willow’s and Diana’s. Annie’s always is. The Clubhouse will close early, whenever play slows. And all of the clothing, foodstuff, beer and wine in the Clubhouse is being sold off at true “end of the season” savings.


And with that, for the last time in the 94th Season, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse registers will be turned off at the end of this week. That means no more snacks, no more beverages, no more lunches, no more golf balls, no more clothing, no more … We are offering breakeven pricing on case purchases of beer, wine and soft drinks and very low prices on other merchandise that we simply don’t want to store. Willow is ready to negotiate. While the registers will close, the Clubhouse will be open mornings through October 10, and in the afternoons if there is a reasonable turnout. The bathrooms will remain available and functional until October 10. As noted, if you want a tee time in the afternoons, it is wise to call ahead to see if the Clubhouse will be open.


The Final Full Board Meeting of the Season was held on September 21, in the Clubhouse and via Zoom. Treasurer David Greiwe characterized the season to date financial results as “pretty good” with the probability that we can add a reasonable amount to the Club’s Operations Reserves. The total of full memberships (Sustaining, Individual and Couples, season long house) declined modestly, continuing a long-term trend. The most significant action of the Meeting was Board approval of the purchase of a Ventrac 4520Z for Grounds maintenance, with dual wheels, and contour and rough-cut decks which will be used to replace our ancient rough mower, but with a capability for working steep hills and the grades around many of the bunkers. There are also attachments to consider in the future to perform many other functions, limiting our need to replace other aging equipment. The purchase, for about $50,000, is being funded with $31,000 of Friends of the Club money, the refund of our $12,500 deposit for a riding greens mower, unspent money from the Grounds budget and the remaining First Links money from the no longer active golf and tennis camps for kids. This year’s Friends of the Club solicitation will focus on raising funds for the Greens mower as well as small capital improvements for the Clubhouse.


News of Golf:

“Wacky” Golf, the traditional end of the season tournament, will be competed on Sunday, October 2 at 9:00AM. Grounds Superintendent Keith Hoover, after a maddening but highly successful first season, will derange our nine hole course in ways unimaginable, with cups placed on the steepest of slopes, a cup almost completely blocked by large bricks, teeing off from paper cups, or playing a hole entirely with a putter. And there’s more derangement in store – none of it making golf easier, all of it very much fun to play. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379.

Twilight League’s final session of the season held its Championship September 19. Commissioner Ken Wiberg reports on the truly awful weather in play and the winners that night and of the full session: It was a cold and rainy championship round. 4 teams quit and 2 individual players also quit, leaving their partners to play by themselves. Unfortunately, the players who replaced you (your editor) and Lee (my wonderful partner) were 2 of the players who quit so you got zero points (Editorial Note: which was better than we did one week when we went negative!). Everyone who stayed was pleased with how the league was run and all said they would return for next season!

September 19 Results:

1- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15 pts

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 14 pts

3- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 12 pts

Pins Hole 4:

1- Ken Wiberg 24’ 4 1/2”

2- Jim Twitchell 25’ 2 1/2”

Final standings:

Champions: Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 124 pts

Runner-up: Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 116 pts

3- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 109 pts

4- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 106 pts

5- Steve Stone/Steve Smith 94 pts

6- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 91 pts

7- Jack Shaw/Kendall McGuffie 81 pts

8- Lee Levant/Sam Ostrow 80 pts

9- Vern Seile/Jim McDonald 74 pts

10- Luke Hartmann/Jerry Gray 67 pts

Billings League’s Scheduled Championship Round on September 22 was rained out! News of the makeup date and final results will be communicated when available.

Scrambles was played on Friday, September 23, as Co-Commissioner Mimi Gerstell reports with the precision of the world class physicist and mathematician she is: Eight persons braved the Arctic winds to play in Scrambles on Sept. 23rd. The winning foursome, by exactly 1 stroke, was the team of Mark Sterritt, Dan McLaughlin, Joe Bruno, and Dave Goddard. We will post a sign-up sheet for one last Scrambles to be held on Sept. 30th, and hope that the weather is a bit more pleasant.

Golfers are expected to post their scores on the GHIN system for rounds played in Maine until October 31, although rounds on the ICC course should not be posted after the out-of-bounds and “penalty area” stakes are removed by the Grounds Crew, which marks the end of our "official" season. If fairway aeration is completed before then you may remove your ball from any aeration holes as well as remove any nearby ground plugs without penalty. After the course is closed by the removal of the stakes “Winter Rules” will apply, allowing golfers to move the ball one club length no closer to the pin in the fairways and six inches in the rough. At that time, please do not use irons on any of the tees (tee up adjacent to your preferred tee).

News of Tennis:

The tennis courts will remain open for play until the nets and lines are removed, most likely in mid- October. Open Tennis is over for the season.


Editorial Note: When I closed my “real business” some years ago I promised The Missus (aka Judy) that I would never again do anything that wasn’t fun. While being Co-President of our Club is serious business, it is something I have loved doing, and writing this newsletter is the fun part. The Missus agrees.

I have long loved MacLeish’s poetry, and I understand the darkness that comes with contemplating “the end.” But know also this – the Intrepid Company of ICC Golfers will soon take to the course for winter play; your officers and staff will find ways to welcome you and our community to the Club over the coming winter months; and, together we will prepare to greet the 95th season with the warmth of Spring and of renewed friendships, and, with care and with grace, in the best of health.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

The View from Away

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It is a strange sense your editor has as he reports from away on the closing days of the Club’s season, the first time this has happened in many years. When on the Island, it is like a hive – the busy, buzzing center of all life that is meaningful. When “away” the Island is no less meaningful, but the importance of the busyness there is seen in context, and one senses both how like the rest of the world the Island is, and how different. The Island seems as “magical” as it has so often been found, but its realities are actually far more visible contemplated from a far place.


The upcoming closing of the Clubhouse for the season, seen and in part managed from away, loses its melancholy. That it is a seasonal business and that it is being closed in the regular course of seasonal businesses becomes more evident. Yet, the magic presents itself in the realization that for those of us who choose to winter here the course will remain where we gather and play; and the meeting of friends of now very long standing in the few open shops, at Winterfest, in the lobby of the Opera House on movie night, will be as cherished as it can only be in the snow and chill of a remote Island off the coast of Maine.


It has been an excellent 94th season, as next week’s final newsletter will describe. The metrics are important, to be sure, ensuring more excellent seasons to come. But what can be sensed from away is there was a different and good sensibility at the Old Club all season – we have made it through a very tough time, we have done it together as we were meant to, and together the Islanders, “summer people,” residents, retirees, fisherman, carpenters, grounds men and women and Clubhouse staffers who are the Island Country Club have forged a new commitment to each other. That also ensures many excellent seasons to come.


And on that joyous note, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

COVID never goes away, and as reported over the weekend two members who attended the Ladies Golf closing luncheon last Tuesday have tested positive, but, fortunately, are experiencing mild symptoms. Please note that the Clubhouse staff will be masked this week as a precaution, and we are asking the members to please practice social distancing when in the Clubhouse. All planned activities will continue as scheduled.


The Clubhouse staff will close the Clubhouse on afternoons when there are few members or visitors coming to the course. Willow asks that members call ahead if they don’t have tee times to make sure the Clubhouse is open if they need anything on arrival. Lunch sandwiches and salads from There’s A Treat will continue to be available for as long as business warrants, and you may find special pricing as the season comes to a close.


The final Full Board Meeting of the Season will be held in the Clubhouse this Wednesday, September 21, at 4:00PM. Very important will be a season end financial review and discussion of major equipment purchases recommended by the Grounds Committee to be in place for next season. All members are invited to participate but only current Board members may vote on any matters requiring approval.


The Clubhouse will close for the season on Monday, October 10, however sales of food, beverages, clothing and golf and tennis accessories will end as those items sell out or when the registers are turned off for season-end accounting the last week of September. We have ended re-ordering beer, wine and soft drinks as well as snacks, and all clothing. There’s a Treat sandwiches and salads will continue as long as the demand supports it. Willow, Patty and Diana, consulting with Annie, will be putting more merchandise on sale throughout the month to reduce inventories and storage requirements. Please ask about special pricing for case orders.


Increasing Club presence in the community is an important priority, and the Club is happy to support the fundraising efforts of many Island and Peninsula organizations. Just this month, we have provided raffle and auction coupons for rounds of golf in the 2023 Season to Alfred’s Christmas Benefit (providing gifts to isolated seniors), Island Cheer (a statewide competitive program for Island youngsters), Opera House Arts, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries and George Stevens Academy.


News of Golf:

Ladies Golf ended its season on September 13, the ever chipper Sharon Hellstedt reports: Eighteen ladies played a scramble format on Tuesday, September 13, the last day of organized play. They will continue to gather on Tuesday and Thursdays for informal play. Two teams tied for the win with scores of 33:

Linda Allen

Marilyn Schroer

Linda Rand

Eliza Childs

(10 team putts)


Inese Moore

Mikey Bannister

Jean Hutchinson

Sharon Hellstedt

(11 team putts)


A lovely potluck luncheon followed the golf play. The Ladies Golf Fall Meeting was then held. Lisa Haynesworth and Michelle Howland were welcomed as new members. Season award recipients were then recognized: President’s Cup winner: Suzanne Banghart, Runner up: Anne Douglass; Club Championship Gross Winner: Anne Douglass, Net Winners (tie): Eliza Childs and Pam Fowler.


The Very Happy and Loyal Women of Ladies Golf

Twilight League’s Championship round is tonight, September 19, Commissioner Ken Wiberg reports, beginning with last week’s results:

1- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis (John Thompson sub) 23 pts

2- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 22 pts

3- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 21 pts.

Pins Hole 3:

1- Stephen Moore 9’ 1”

2- Lee Levant 22’ 7”

Tonight is Championship Round

Session Standings:

1- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 110 pts

2- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 101 pts

3- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 99 pts

4- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 94 pts

5- Steve Stone/Steve Smith 86 pts

6- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 84 pts

7- Jack Shaw/Kendall McGuffie 81 pts

8- Lee Levant/Sam Ostrow 80 pts

9- Vern Seile/Jim McDonald 74 pts

10- Luke Hartmann/Jerry Gray 67 pts


Billings League on September 15 and updated Season Standings are presented by the very unbiased (see final note) Ryan “Chief” Hayward:

1st - Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie -5

2nd - Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile -4

3rd - Will Morey/Cory McDonald -4

4th - Luke Hartmann/Nick Eaton -3

5th - Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -3

Pin # 6

1st- Doug Seibert 10' 10"

2nd- Peter Grindle 17' 3"


1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 63 pts.

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 86 pts.

3rd- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 92 pts.

4th- Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie 93 pts.

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 93 pts.

6th- Baren Yurchick/J. McDonald 103 pts.

Final week for points will be this Thursday. 2nd place through 6th place is still up for grabs as the race to the end approaches!!! Stay tuned until next week to see how the best league at the club finishes up.


Scrambles on September 16 is reported by Co-Commissioner and very unscrambled Mimi Gerstell: On the 16th, there were five teams in the competition. Low gross winners at 31 were Mark Sterritt, Dick Newman, Carol Shaw, and Jeannette Parker. Low putts winners with 10 putts were John Shanklin, Mimi Gerstell, Joe Bruno, and Dick Roth. Closest-to-the-pin awards went to Dan McLaughlin (7'3") and Inese Moore (13'7"). Friday golf Scrambles WILL continue on September 23 and 30 if enough people sign up. Scrambles loyalist and Island Country Club legend Joe Bruno filed his own report on the competition of September 13: I would like to describe our Scrambles team on Friday: Our team consisted of a guy in his 70’s, John Shanklin, who can hit the ball well; then we had a 91 year old, Dick Roth, who is a bit more handicapped than I am; the third person was a late 70’s gal, Mimi, who putts well; and then there was this 90 year old geezer in the person of me. Well, we did ourselves proud and had a lot of fun. The winning team came in at 3 under, we came in at 2 under, but we won low putts!!! Got my $5 back, plus $2! I dare say, we were the oldest team out there! People are leaving - Jim Madonna (also 90) left Friday - it got a little emotional when he told me he was leaving the next day and would see me next year. We shook hands, hugged and said, "See you next year!" Such is life...wouldn’t want it any other way, Sam. So blessed to be on this special island.

As always, Joe gets it right.


Men’s Morning Golf goes on – and so does this amazing group of guys:


Men's Morning Golf on a Fine September Morn

As proof you can recover quickly from COVID if you’re fully shot and boosted, Carol Shaw hit the pin and #6 during Scrambles and the ball just missed Jim Plotts having to make another plaque. Nice pin placement, Keith!


So Near, and Yet ....


News of Tennis:

The courts will remain open until they aren’t, Open Tennis will be played on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons as usual and recent participation puts the lie to that wonderful line in Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come.”


News of Bridge:

The FINAL Bridge report of the season comes from the King of Club(s), Jim Plotts: We have decided to close our season with this past week's game. It has been a fun and hopefully learning experience for everyone who participated. We hope to return next year.



It was a somewhat strange evening. You will see by the scores there weren't a lot of great scoring hands. We unfortunately only had 7players which makes for awkward playing having to move around to cover 2 tables. But we had a lot of cookies!!

1670 - Jim Plotts

1660 - Don Powell


And the Best News from Bridge in a later note from Jim: Just for your information I made the last deposit of our bridge groups portion of funds to the club. We put in the Club's coffers $212!!!! Thank you everyone.



Editor’s Note:

God Bless the Gracious Queen

God Save the Nascent King

For nearly 250 years, together we have saved and remained committed to faith in the people’s rule.

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

Some Newsletter Editions are Easy to Write

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This one isn’t. Last week was the most challenging of the Old Club’s 94th Season. News arrived of the deaths of two long time members who were also great friends of many. Annie returned briefly, cheering Ryan and your editor until she told us she had at least another month of treatment and evaluation. Then there were the incidents of intolerable on course behavior and a deliberate refusal to follow the directions of the Pro Shop staff.


As always, things have a way to come into balance. We held an outstanding “Thanksgiving Dinner,” with all of the gustatorial as well as emotional trimmings anyone could want. One of our golfers enhanced the Club’s reputation with an outstanding performance at the annual Waterville Fall Classic. Our Leagues continued to fill the course with players enjoying the incredible late summer light, as well as Keith and the crew’s outstanding conditioning. The Grounds Committee received and reviewed a positive and helpful report from the USGA agronomist about our course conditioning and maintenance programs. And, when your editor returned to his New York home he received his first ever spontaneous hug from his two-year-old grandson.


Life is good.


And herewith the news:


Sad Tidings:

Steve Snowden died on September 1, we were informed by his life partner, Anne Page. A longtime member of the Island Country Club, Steve’s name appears throughout the Great Room, on the trophies and plaques he won as one of our most outstanding – and natural – golfers. Shortly before his death, his great friend and Member Rick Ferretti brought Steve to the Club, set him gently in a cart, and drove him around the course Steve had graced for so many years. Steve’s life on the Island as a lobsterman, Junior High principal and maintenance superintendent at Billings; and at the Club as a golfer and raconteur will be retold many times by many friends at a Celebration of Life at the Club on Sunday, September 25, from 2:00PM until 5:00PM. All members and friends are most welcome.



Steve Snowden

Barbara Bowne Kesar Whitman died on September 9 after a long and difficult illness. A notice was sent to all members on Saturday, and the obituary prepared by her family is immediately below.


The Whitman family has provided the Club with many gifts, the greatest of all has been Barbara, and the memories for all of us that she created.


News of the Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse will close for the season on Monday, October 10, however sales of food, beverages, clothing and golf and tennis accessories will end as those items sell out or when the registers are turned off for season-end accounting the last week of September. We have ended re-ordering beer, wine and soft drinks as well as snacks, and all clothing. There’s a Treat sandwiches and salads will continue as long as the demand supports it. Willow, Patty and Diana, consulting with Annie, will be putting more merchandise on sale throughout the month to reduce inventories and storage requirements. Please ask about special pricing for case orders.

The September 21st full Board meeting will be held in the Great Room and on Zoom at 4:00PM on Wednesday, September 21. An agenda will be distributed to all members soon. Very important will be a season end financial review and discussion of major equipment purchases recommended by the Grounds Committee to be in place for next season.


The Social Season Ending “Thanksgiving Dinner” is reported by Director and Hostess with the Mostest, Jeannette Parker: It’s A Wrap! ICC members gathered and gobbled at the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. This special night capped off a season of 20 events which included 14 Wine Wednesdays; 3 Fin & Fern Dinners; a Lobster Social, a picnic and a Thanksgiving Dinner…WHEW!

The ICC’s final finale ended like it started…with food and friends, both in abundance! Sandra takes the lead on the Thanksgiving Dinner…Thank You to everyone for your tasty contributions to this annual event. Such wonderful and willing cooks among our members make this annual event possible. Well done, Sandra Seile! Thanks to Linda Allen for cutting every slice of 12 pies. Thanks to Lisa Haynsworth and Lisa Stanley for pitching in and helping in every way but loose. Thanks to Mimi and Mikey for bringing music to our ears. Thanks to Willow and Diana for running the wine bar and helping our house committee in so many ways. Thank you, Ryan, for representing the ICC Board of Directors and presenting the House Committee with gorgeous fall mums. To quote Linda Stratton “whoever I forgot, I'm sure you did a remarkable job!!” The evening ended by singing Auld Lang Syne. We are all so fortunate to share the ICC together. Thank you, Linda, for your summaries and the best photos that enable all of us to relive these good times over and over until we come together again.

Teamwork makes it happen…the FUN it makes for you makes it worthwhile.

News of Golf:

Twilight League results for September 6 (postponed from Labor Day) are presented by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

1- Lee Levant/Sam Ostrow 20 pts (HUZZAH! At last!)

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 16 pts (card playoff)

3- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 16 pts

Pins Hole 4:

1- Luke Hartmann 8’ 6”

2- Steve Stone 10’ 8”

With 2 weeks left in the season things are getting tight! Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton & Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton are fighting for 1st tied at 89 pts and Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis have bolted into a tie for 3rd with Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham with 76 pts each. Steve Stone/Steve Smith are 4 points out of 4th at 72 pts.

Scrambles play for September 9 is presented by Judge (and Jury) Dick Newman: 20 golfers on a perfect weather day. Low gross winners on a match of cards were Stephen Moore, Charlie Odenweller, Dick Newman and Bob Allen with a 31. Second low gross with a 32 were Lee Levant, Vinal Torrey, Pam Fowler and Mimi Gerstell. Low putts with 10 were Jack Shaw, Ed Black, Joe Bruno, and Linda Allen. Closest to the Pin on #6 was Linda Allen for the women at 6’ 11” and for the men on #6 at 8’6” was Dick Newman. It was nice to have the Allen’s join the Scramblers and leave their beautiful garden.

Billings League: Your editor knows they played. I saw them as I was putting my clubs and shoes (almost forgot them!) in the trunk of Old Paint last Thursday evening. Between the Club, fishing (I’ll never understand how a lobster is a fish), dealing with the increasingly absurd restrictions being placed on his and the Island’s livelihood, being Chief of the Stonington Fire Department and handling the matters of life itself, Ryan is busier and has more time demands than most anybody. I am sure he will catch up by season’s end.


In the Waterville Fall Classic Mark Sterritt, Island Country Club member and Morning Golf stalwart, finished FIRST LOW NET and fourth Low Gross in Division 3 of this prestigious, highly competitive and large field annual event. Congratulations and Well Played.


News of Tennis:

The weekly Tennis drop shot is served up by Director Linda Allen: Open tennis and regular groups are still playing until the courts are closed in October. There has been a core group showing up for Open Tennis and I encourage more people to come for this friendly round robin doubles play. Open Tennis is held Wednesday mornings at 9:00AM and Sunday afternoons at 2:00PM.


News of Bridge:

Last week’s Bridge play required two reporters, Jim Plotts forwarding Pat Roth’s summary of September 5’s dealings: Labor Day saw chilly weather and 7 intrepid bridge players show up at the club. Pat Roth served as hostess and reported the following results.

2560 - Ruthie Levant

2320 - Mimi

We will continue playing for the next couple of weeks or until we get a too small number of commitments. Bridge will be played tonight in the Clubhouse at 7:00PM.


Editorial Note: As traffic came to a 40 minute long. multi-accident caused dead stop on the Sikorsky Bridge over Connecticut’s Housatonic River, I realized Old Paint was only one of more cars than were parked the entire busy summer on Main Street, Stonington. Sometimes we need to be reminded of just how lucky we are.

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large


September Song

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Oh it's a long, long while, from May to December

But the days grow short, when you reach September.

When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame,

One hasn't got time for the waiting game.

And these few precious days, I'll spend with you.

These precious days I'll spend with you.

-- Kurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson (and best sung by Jimmy Durante)



After dinner the other evening I was writing at my desk, when I looked out the window, saw that it was dark, and immediately headed to the bedroom. It was 7:45PM. In a Twilight League match, one of my fellow competitors asked a member of our foursome to please move his shadow. The shadow maker was standing 25 feet away! The geese are here, foraging and resting before their long trip south. But they are here weeks earlier than usual.


Inside the Clubhouse, more “season end” merchandise sales are being planned, and re-orders of beverages and snacks have been stopped. The last social event of the season, the aptly named Thanksgiving Dinner, is this week, whether you can get your head around that or not. The Clubhouse “shutdown” plan has been pulled out of the file drawer. The Grounds crew has begun to implement its new Fall maintenance plan.


The recent Washington Post Magazine article got it right – Deer Isle is not a fact that can be described, it is a feeling that uniquely exists in every person who gets to experience it. The author – and he was not the first to do so – called it mysterious. I prefer magical. But, whatever the cause, whatever the feeling, it is never as intense as in September – with all that it summarizes, all that it portends and especially with that remarkably golden light just as the setting sun touches the horizon.


With that, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse will close at 3:00PM today (if not sooner depending on weather) to allow our great staff to enjoy as much of Labor Day as possible. Great thanks to Patty, Diana and Willow for all of their great work, patience, smiles and contributions to the Old Club’s 94th Season. Speaking of which:

The Employee Appreciation Wine Wednesday Barbecue was a great success. Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Wednesday August 31st’s “End of the Season Picnic” was a huge success!! All around perfect – 56 attended; great weather; great food (plenty of it!); and friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company. A shout out of exemplary appreciation to Ryan, Vern and Mike – burgers, hot dogs and onions grilled just right. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks to the generous donations of club members, 10 door prizes were awarded. Two hundred dollars in gift cards were purchased from Finn & Fern and Burnt Cove Market. Congratulations to the winners! Additional donations were used towards the purchase of food for the event.


Willow and Diana -- Colleagues, Friends, Superstars

The Annual “Thanksgiving” Dinner is 5:00PM Wednesday, September 7 and there are some seats available (limit 70). A traditional Thanksgiving dinner prepared by FRIENDS, and a sing along with Mimi and Mikey playing favorite Broadway Show tunes. Please call the Club by 3:00PM today to RSVP. All food items requested for the dinner have been filled. Thanks to everyone for your generous participation in making this annual tradition happen once again. NOTE: Please arrive with your dish hot and ready to serve along with serving utensils.


There’s A Treat continues to astound with great sandwiches and salads, delivered frequently to the Clubhouse. The ICC Lunch Special – your favorite Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Italian or Chicken Caesar with a bag of chips and a soft from – remains just $13.00.


The Great Clothing Sale continues as well with men’s, women’s and kids’ shirts and pullovers still available at 20% off sticker prices, albeit in a decreasing range of sizes.


The Final Full Board Meeting of the Season will be held in the Clubhouse on Wednesday, September 21 at 4:00PM. This will be members’ first chance to learn how the Club’s business performed over its full 94th Season, as well to hear about some of the plans for the off season and the 95th in 2023. Members are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.


News of Golf:

All the greens will be aerated beginning tomorrow (Tuesday). If the Grounds Crew is working on a green when you get to it, DON’T WAIT for them to finish. Assume you got a two putt, add it to your score (it’s better than you are likely to do on #3 anyways) and move on to the next tee. With our great crew outfitted with its new riding roller with its built-in brush, once the holes are poked and the greens dressed with sand, they should return to good playability quickly. How long they take to fully heal is up to Ma Nature, and she/her has been a fickle provider lately.

You may also have noticed that the very thick fescue on the mounds above the bunkers on Hole #1 has been cut. This was a test of our new “bush hog,” recommended by our USGA Consultant, and acquired with money in our Friends of the Club account. With careful management, the thin, wispy fescue that is both beautiful and playable will grow in, but the underlying bad grasses will not be as prevalent.

Ladies Golf played the Howdy Thompson on August 30, as ever chipper correspondent Sharon Hellstedt reports: Fifteen ladies played their golf wearing work boots and using only three clubs for the entire round, as did Howdy Thompson in his day. The results are as follows:

Golf Results: 1st - Jean Hutchinson (41)

2nd - Sharon Hellstedt (42)

3rd - Mikey Bannister (43)

4th - Ellen Foote (44)

Low Putts: 1st - Ellen Foote (13)

2nd - Sharon Hellstedt (14)

3rd - Paula Colwell (15)

Chip-ins: Ellen Foote

Paula Colwell


Doing the Full Howdy: Mikey, Anne, Sharon and Linda

Twilight League results for August 29 and Season to Date are presented by Ken Wiberg:

1- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 17pts (card playoff)

2- Ryan Hayward (Jim Twitchell’s score)/Myron Curtis 17pts

3- Vern Seile/Jim McDonald 16pts (card playoff)

Pins Hole 3:

1- David Greiwe 36’

2- Steve Stone 37’

Standings with 3 weeks to play:

1- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 73 pts

2- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 73 pts

3- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 65 pts

4- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 61 pts

5- Steve Stone/Steve Smith 58 pts

5- Vern Seile/Jim McDonald 58 pts

7- Jack Shaw/Kendall McGuffie 53 pts

8- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 51 pts

9- Lee Levant/Sam Ostrow 45 pts

10- Luke Hartmann/Jerry Gray 38 pts

Twilight League will play this week’s round on Tuesday, at 4:00PM so that its players can enjoy Labor Day with family and friends.

Scrambles was played by the largest field of the season on September 2, as co-Commissioner Mimi Gerstell reports: Thirty-one players competed in Scrambles on September 2nd. There was a freakish three-way tie for men's closest to the pin. All of Jack Scribner, Mike Parker, and Dan McLaughlin landed exactly 2'8" from the hole on #4. Ladies' closest to the pin on #6 went to Carol Shaw at 6'6". The low gross foursome was Jack Shaw, Mike Parker, Jeff Crandall and Mimi Gerstell, at 5 under par. For 2nd low gross, several teams tied at 2 under par; on a "card playoff" the money was awarded to Mark Sterritt, Charlie Odenweller, and Margaret Hutchins. Two teams tied for low putts at 9 putts; the prize was awarded to the team with the lower gross score: Dennis and Marsi Stavinoha, Felicity Gillette, and Dick Woodbridge. Scrambles will be played again on Friday, September 9 at 9:00AM. Signup by 4:00PM Thursday in the Pro Shop or by calling 348 2379.

News of Tennis:

Coco Gauff made the Quarters at the U.S. Open, Serena was Serena and Frances Tiafoe is the only American man left in the round of 16 and he gets Nadal this afternoon.


None of these players will be at Open Tennis this Wednesday at 9:00AM, or Sunday at 2:00PM. You can be, however. No reservations – or power overheads – required.


News of Bridge:

Bridge was bid, played and made on August 29, our Jack of All Trades, Jim Plotts, reports: This past Monday saw an even 8 players filling out 2 tables. Hostess Mimi polled the group and determined there was interest in playing Labor Day Night. So we're on for this week. Pat Roth will host. We'll continue to poll the group to check for interest week to week as the end of the season approaches. No end date yet.


3170 - Steve Bralove

2770 - Ruthie Levant

2650 - Mimi


Editor’s Note:

Your Editor at Large will be very much “at large” the next few weeks, leaving the Island over the coming weekend, traveling to meetings and gatherings for his “other lives” and returning on or about October 7. The newsletter for the 94th Season will continue weekly until it won’t (i.e., when News of the Club runs out), thanks to our highly trained corps of intrepid correspondents. Until we are together again in this magical place, please stay safe, stay well and please be kind to one another and to all who you may meet.

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

The 90's

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Not the 1790’s, when the American economy developed its own complex identity, but our politics fractured for the first time. And not the 1890’s, as the “Gilded Age” collapsed under the burdens of corruption and massive income inequality. And, no, not even the 1990’s, with the dotcom boom ending in the first of the massive busts that have so marred the first quarter of our current century. Our 90’s are Dick Roth (91), Jimmy Madonna (90) and the kid, Joe Bruno, (also 90, but a few months younger than Jimmy). They play golf at the Old Club almost every day. They greet everyone at the first tee and in the parking lot with big smiles and finger crushing handshakes. They flirt shamelessly with Annie, Patty, Willow, and Diana. Several times a week I get emails from one or more of them with ideas as to how to make our Club better.

As we move the Island Country Club inexorably towards its Centennial in a time of many challenges, think about our 90’s and know they are teaching us how to age with grace, strength, perseverance and, above all, optimism.

And with that thought, herewith the news:

News of the Clubhouse:

The social life of the Club takes top billing as the season heads towards its close. Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Forty member and guests attended the 14th Wine Wednesday last week, and what a great time it was! Sandra Seile’s crabmeat rolls disappeared from the platter as soon as the cover was taken off! Next to disappear was Betsy Morgan’s platter of large shrimp, her specialty this summer! Consistently, every week an abundant display of tasty appetizers equal to dinner. Again this summer we were invited to help Dick Roth celebrate Birthday #91. We all raised a glass of champagne and had birthday cake. Thank you Pat Roth! Dick is proof that time marches on, albeit at a slower pace! Dick shot a 48 on Wednesday, his best round this summer, to date! Door prize winners: Stan Spracker (now back at home in Washington, DC); Dick Newman (first time at Wine Wednesday) and Dick Roth, on his birthday! CONGRATS!




As the summer of 2022 winds down the Social Committee is full steam ahead preparing for the last two, and perhaps the biggest, socials of the summer!


This Wednesday from 5:00-7:00: End of the Summer Picnic & Staff Appreciation Event - Dance Party - 10 Door prizes. No Appetizers this week!! Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Watermelon and an assortment of homemade cookies. Fifty-five signed up so far. Deadline: Monday! Donations appreciated. Here’s hoping this can be an outside event. (Does anyone have a pop-up canopy to put over the grill in case of rain. Grill Master Ryan will appreciate). Late Update: Rain is forecast for Wednesday (on-line betting has it 4-1 against). In that event the picnic will be indoors and smiles will be the sunshine.


September 7th at 5:00 - Annual Thanksgiving Dinner; Limited to 70; call the club to RSVP. NOTE: if you are signed up to contribute food you are already on the RSVP list! Only a couple of requested foods are still needed to complete the dinner. Ask at the Pro Shop when you call.


Gather with your friends before the summer ends. We look forward to seeing you!

End of the season sales start now in the Pro Shop, with all men’s, women’s and kids’ shirts and pullovers 20% off their tag prices. When those in stock are gone, they are fully gone, as we will not be re-ordering until Spring 2023.

The reviews are in on There’s A Treat sandwiches and salads, and the best confirmation of the quality is that the cooler was empty quickly after our first order was delivered. Turkey, ham, Italian combo, a chicken caesar wrap, potato salad and more, and very soon Theresa promises roast beef! All for $10.00, and $13.00 brings you a salty snack and a soft drink.

Labor Day weekend is always a busy time, so make sure to reserve tee times and court time before coming to the Club. Beginning Friday afternoon walk-ons will have to wait for availabilities. And remember, Patty’s word is law – so are Willow’s and Diana’s.

The Pro Shop is beginning to install a new credit/debit card processing system, with the new hardware first. Patty, Willow and Diana are being trained in its use, and your patience is really going to be needed as they learn the equipment. As many have experienced, our old card reader is barely functional, and it is time to go 2022! In the off-season we will be transferring processing to Bar Harbor Bank & Trust’s proprietary system, which has rave reviews from every merchant using it.

The final Fin & Fern Dinner of the season, A Taste of Maine, was a great success, with just over 60 guests gathered in the Clubhouse to enjoy steamed mussels, garlic bread, a special caesar salad, scallops in pasta, baked halibut and a blueberry crumble. Well done to Andy, Leslie and Bob for a great performance all summer. We also express our condolences to the entire Fin & Fern family on the death of their great colleague and friend, Kristi, whose baking represented her love for the craft and was a joy to so many of us.

News of Golf:

The season long ICC Cup race ended Sunday, and while nobody won $18 million, it was a fun and tightly fought competition both for yesterday’s tourney and the full season’s results. Thanks to Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg and Tournaments/Co-President Ryan Hayward for a great idea, building interest greatly as it completes its second year. The results for yesterday and the season long competition are:


Men’s’ Gross (played from the Blue tees):

1. Lee Levant 77

2. Stephen Moore 80


Men’s Net (played from the Blue tees):

1. Mark Sterritt

2- Jack Shaw 72 (card playoff)

Men’s Gross (played from the White tees):

1. Dan McLaughlin 75

2- Myron Curtis 82


Men’s Net (played from the White tees)

1. David Greiwe 63

2- Dick Newman 70

Women’s Gross (played from the Gold tees):

1. Linda Rand 50

2. Inese Moore 52


Women’s Net (played from the Gold tees):

1.Sharon Hellstedt 37

2.Suzanne Banghart 40

Men’s Pins Hole 4:

1. Dan McLaughlin 2’ 11”

2. Stephen Moore 5’ 11”


Women’s Pins Hole 6:

Sharon Hellstedt 20’ 5”


The overall ICC CUP points champions

Men’s Division:

Gross: Ken Wiberg 600 pts

Runner-up Mark Sterritt 580 pts

Net: Myron Curtis 740 pts

Runner-up Mark Sterritt 720 pts

Women’s Division:

Gross: Pam Fowler 440 pts

Runner-up: Sharon Hellstedt 430 pts

Net: Suzanne Banghart 640 pts

Runner-up: Pam Fowler 560 pts

Twilight League results for Monday, August 22, using a modified Stableford scoring system and played last week from the Blue tees are presented by Ken Wiberg:

1. Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 19 pts

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 16 pts

3 Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15 pts

Pins Hole 6:

1.Richard Eaton 23’ 7”

2-Stephen Moore 29’ 1”

Ladies Golf on Tuesday, August 23 produced its shortest report ever, provided by weather reporter Sharon Hellstedt: Eight ladies arrived for golf on a misty/rainy morning. Five completed all nine holes! Congratulations to Pam, Mikey, Linda S, Suzanne and Sharon! Hoping for better weather this Tuesday as we play our Howdy Thompson round.

Scrambles on Friday, August 26 is provided by yet another weather reporter, Dick Newman: 21 golf stalwarts braved the All-Rain Scrambles. The sun came out when we finished. The results were surprisingly good. At 3 under was the team of Dan McLaughlin, Dick Woodbridge, Inese Moore and Arthur Poitras. Low putts with 8 was the team of David Greiwe, Ed Black and Tim Greiwe, David’s brother. Closest to the pin on #6 for the men was Mark Sterritt at 8’ 1”. No woman put it on the 6th green. We still need rain, but maybe next Friday ‘s scramble will be spared.


Claude Hoopes, representing the Island Country Club, finished tied 3d in the Maine Senior Amateur Championship held recently at Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth, only two shots out of the lead in the two-day event. Well played! Claude finished first in the over 70 Division for the second consecutive year.

News of Tennis:

Your editor and others in his threesome in the ICC Cup Tournament watched Courts 2 and 3 get watered yesterday as we played Hole 3. The spray felt good. At least there is no made-up news.

Open Tennis will continue Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Think of it as a nice diversion from watching the US Open.

News of Bridge:

Bridge play on August 22 is reported by the Ace of Hearts, Jim Plotts: We had a perfect 12 players filling out 3 tables. Play was consistent with us completing 3 rounds well before 9:00. Pat Roth AGAIN brought her brownies. Always fun to have the younger Holland family come. This week we had Roland, Marika’s son and Annie and Chuck’s grandson.


3410 – Ruthie Levant

3210 – Mimi

2230 – Steve Braelove.

2080 – Marika ( out of the prize money )

Bridge will be played tonight in the Clubhouse at 7:00PM. Refreshments likely. The season is winding down, but no end of season date selected yet.




Editor’s Note: “I feel a cool vein in the breeze, which braces my thought, and I pass with pleasure over sheltered and sunny portions of the sand where the summer's heat is undiminished, and I realize what a friend I am losing." – Henry David Thoreau

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

Moonlight on a Rainy Night

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A long time member and friend recently wrote that he appreciated that in most editions of the Island Country Club newsletter a word is used that he must look up in a dictionary. Earlier this week, on that first in weeks rainy night, I thought of his note as I was listening to Beethoven’s 14th piano sonata. It is known as “Moonlight,” a name given to it after Beethoven’s death. The highly introspective first movement of the sonata, an adagio, is considered by most serious critics to be one of Beethoven’s greatest works (see Editor’s Note). Its tempo is – here it comes – sostenuto. A pianist understands the instruction to play sostenuto to be not just slow, but slower than slow. As one critic wrote, “the C Sharp Minor key signature is challenging, and there are many accidentals (additional sharps or flats) scattered throughout the movement. However, the adagio sostenuto tempo is slow enough to allow thinking time to get around these scattered tones without much stress.”


Last week at the Old Club seemed sostenuto and full of “accidentals,” and without stress. But, just like the first movement of the Moonlight, this does not mean it wasn’t important. A Club Champion won her title in a dominant manner, the Annual Meeting set an ambitious direction for our coming Centennial, we had our annual visit from the Intrepid Company of Vinalhaven golfers, a vital new piece of equipment for our grounds crew was found and ordered, we have a new source of lunchtime sandwiches and salads beginning this week, the A Taste of Maine dinner sold out and Patty learned just how appreciated her hard work, discipline and smile are appreciated by members and visitors alike.


And with all those scattered notes, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The members attending the Annual Meeting unanimously ratified the Nominating Committee’s proposed Officers and Directors, after presentations that the Club is having a very good season in terms of memberships and visitors; our course and courts are doing well in a drought-ridden summer; Clubhouse operations are running smoothly even with Annie’s medical situation requiring remote direction; the Social program continues to bring value and new friendships for members; and the Club’s financial performance is very positive and it is likely the operating reserve will receive a good infusion at year-end.

Newly elected Co-President Ryan Hayward spoke about an aggressive program he will lead to further improve the course and grounds before next season, removing or trimming back some trees and brush to provide more playable areas along the woods and groves, and working with Keith and the Grounds Committee to implement the recommendations we are receiving from the USGA’s agronomy specialist. Your editor and Co-President focused on the need to attract more young people to the Club by developing and implementing engaging major projects leading to the Club’s Centennial in 2028, including heading towards year-around operations. Lee Levant has been selected as Director of a new Long Range Planning Committee that will guide the development of these projects. The Club is hoping to be able to hold some activities on the property this winter.

A Taste of Maine Dinner on Tuesday, August 23 is fully signed up. This is the last in a series of three dinners co-sponsored by the Club and Fin & Fern, Stonington’s highly reviewed restaurant. The weather forecast suggests a strong possibility of rain (you can place a bet with your editor), so the setup will be in the Clubhouse, but if it clears, patio seating will also be available.

There’s A Treat will become the Club’s lunch provider beginning Wednesday. Chef and Owner Theresa has promised outstanding sandwiches, wraps and salads, which the Pro Shop will offer at very nice package prices, especially when ordered with a beverage. Thanks to Ryan and Willow for getting this new relationship done in record time.

Wine Wednesday has two weeks to go, Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Last week’s Wine Wednesday was held following the Annual Meeting. Thirty-two members and guests attended. Beverly Twitchell’s cream cheese stuffed strawberries were FABULOUS! Contributed appetizers and desserts vary each week with always a great selection. Door prize winners -- Congrats to Paula Colwell, Jack Shaw and Linda Rand. One more regular Wine Wednesday!! -- 5:00 - 6:30 this week.


Wednesday, August 31 from 5:00-7:00: End of The Season Picnic and Staff Appreciation Social. To assure ample food for this special event please RSVP to attend. Thirty-six people have already signed up as of last week!! The signup sheet will be available again this Wednesday. Picnic menu: hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon and an assortment of cookies. Cash donations are being accepted towards the food and door prizes. Thank you for contributing.


The annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Wednesday, September 7th. The signup board will be on site at Wine Wednesday this week as well. Please sign up if you wish to participate by contributing a “family favorite recipe.” Sixty members/guests attended the Thanksgiving Dinner last year. Please join us.

The Island Country Club’s 2022 Members Directory is available on the Pro Shop counter. It’s the best and easiest way to stay in touch with members throughout the year. One copy per family, please. And thanks again to Willow for a great job putting it together in time for the Annual Meeting.

News of Golf:

Congratulations to Club Champion Anne Douglass, who won the two day Ladies Golf competition with a dominating final round in the mid 30’s (our Ladies being too discrete to disclose such matters with specificity). Eliza Childs finished second. In the Net Division, Pam Fowler was the winner followed by Ellen Foote. Well played.

Two gaggles graced the Island Country Club course last week, beginning on Monday evening during Twilight League when 36 geese were counted striding up the 5th fairway, most likely hoping the sprinklers would turn on getting them some water.


Image by Vern Seile

And on Sunday, 22 intrepid golfers from Vinalhaven made their annual cruise across the Bay to the Old Club for 18 holes of golf, pizza and beer (many thanks to Patty and Willow) and great fun. It is always a pleasure to welcome them here.

The Island Country Club Cup Tournament is Sunday, August 28. While only a handful of players in the Men’s Division have an opportunity to win the season long prize, Tournament Directors Ryan Hayward and Ken Wiberg want to emphasize that there are also Gross and Net prizes for winning the Tournament itself, whether or not the winners also win the Cup. Sign up on the Men’s Golf Bulletin Board. $25.00 entry fee.

Twilight League results for August 15 are reported by the aforementioned Ken Wiberg:

1- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15pts (card playoff)

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 15pts

3- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis (Keith Hoover sub) 12pts card playoff

Pins Hole 4: (a uniquely challenging pin placement)

1- Vito Corsini 15’3”

2- Jim McDonald 20’ 6”

Scrambles was played on Friday, August 19 and is reported by Commissioner Mimi Gerstell: Four teams competed in Scrambles on August 19th. Two of those teams finished at even par. Low-gross winners on a "card" playoff were Jack Shaw, Dave Goddard, Arthur Poitras, and Mimi Gerstell. The other team in the tie finished with 11 putts and received the low-putts award; they were Dave Greiwe, Bill Jenkins, Dick Newman, and Carol Shaw. Several people signed up as pairs, and we can honor some of those requests, but a problem arises if two low-handicap players ask to be on the same team, if not enough other low-handicappers have signed up for the competition. Happy Birthday was wished to Ed Black and Mikey Bannister, who asked to play together in honor of their August 20th birthday. Scrambles will be played on Friday, August 26 at 9:00AM. Sign up in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379 by 4:00PM Thursday.


Billings League

I know they played. I was in the Pro Shop as the Billings golfers arrived. I watched the bottles and cans of “swing lubricant” go out the door. And I know how busy Ryan is. We’ll do a double report next week.


News of Tennis:

Tennis Director Linda Allen rallied to provide her weekly report: Not much to say about tennis this week. The Lucky Draw Tennis Tournament was cancelled due to a lack of participants. As a result, there will be no tournaments held this season.


Open Tennis continues to be played on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons, weather permitting, until the courts are closed for the season in October. Be sure to get out and enjoy these late summer and early fall days on the courts!

News of Bridge:

A Grand Slam of a report from Bridge Co-Director Pat Roth: Last Monday (August 15) was a great success with 3 tables full of eager players. The women ruled the night and were the top three winners. Nancy Greene won 1st place, followed by Mimi Gerstell, and third place went to Carol Shaw. We were happy to have Carol back among our players. Veggies and dip were added by Mimi to the brownies, and only a single brownie remained for Pat’s visiting grandson. Bridge will be dealt again tonight at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. Please arrive by 6:45 to assist in organizing the play. No word yet on whose brownies will be served.


Editor’s Note: Beethoven reportedly said in response to praise of the Sonata #14 (Moonlight), "Surely I've written better things." Same could be said for this edition of the newsletter.

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large


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Lovers of the Gascon dish, Cassoulet, argue endlessly about the proper ingredients. Among those most frequently found in the stew pot are chunks of lamb leg, sliced pork tenderloin, duck confit, garlic sausage, onion, white beans soaked in herb infused water, tomato sauce and more garlic. The origins of the dish go well back into French peasantry in the late Renaissance – where whatever was available was thrown into a constantly heated stewpot (from which the word potpourri – “poor pot” – is derived). Because the pot remained on the heat for months, the cassoulet continually evolved. The fascinating thing, for those of us who make it once a year, or enjoy it in a French restaurant, is that no matter how diverse the ingredients, the dish is always a harmonious whole.


These last weeks of the 94th season are the Old Club’s cassoulet – lots of very diverse things happening, added to the schedule at different times, yet all consistent with our founders’ conception of the Island Country Club being the focal point of the social and recreational life of the Island and Peninsula. Savor the special feel of this plateful of the blended opportunities of late summer. Do what you can to help it linger. Perhaps add something to the pot. This cassoulet of experiences comes but once a year, each year modestly different, but feeling very much the same.


From last week’s batch of ingredients to the ones we expect this week, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Island Country Club’s Annual Meeting is Wednesday, August 17 at 4:00PM. All members are invited to attend, participate and vote to ratify the Nominating Committee’s proposed list of Officers and Directors. The agenda is:

Welcome, Agenda Summary, Meeting Procedures

Operations Reviews

Financial Review

Directors Remarks

Going Forward

Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors

Closing Remarks and Adjournment

The nominees for Officer and Director positions are:

Executive Committee Officers and Directors:

Co-President 1 – Sam Ostrow (1 year term)

Co-President 2 – Ryan Hayward (2 year term)

Co-Vice President 1 – One Year Term (Vacant)

Co-Vice President 2 – Shaun Webb (2 year term)

Treasurer – David Greiwe (1 year term)

Secretary – Mikey Bannister (1 year term)

Board Members/Directors (one year terms):

Building – Vern Seile

Social – Jeannette Parker

Golf Handicap and Rules – Dick Dunham

Long Range Planning – Lee Levant

Golf Tournaments – Ryan Hayward

Men’s Golf – Ken Wiberg

Ladies Golf – To be determined by Ladies Golf

Grounds – Jon Hellstedt

Tennis – to be chosen by Tennis members

At Large – Mike Parker, Walt Epply, Jim Plotts

The Club’s constitution calls for two Vice Presidents serving staggered terms. The Nominating Committee is seeking a Vice President to serve a one-year term beginning with this year’s election and to be nominated for a two year term as Club President at next year’s Annual Meeting. If you are interested, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee – Linda Stratton, Lee Levant and Sam Ostrow.

The 2022 Island Country Club Members Directory has been published and is available in the Pro Shop. Copies will also be available at the Annual Meeting. The Directory includes all members, their Club area and home addresses and phone numbers and email addresses. Please take a copy with you for your use – but please keep it secure as scammers look for materials of this kind to make their contacts. Many thanks to Willow Weed-Eaton for her great work in gathering and organizing the information and supervising the publication.

A Taste of Maine with Fin & Fern is Tuesday, August 23, and while it’s a very Maine meal, Chef Andy Chappell promises it will be out of this world. Among the special dishes from Fin & Fern are starters Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad with bacon and tomato, and Steamed Mussels with garlic bread; dinner courses of Fresh Caught Maine Halibut Filet in a soy and ginger sauce with Andy’s Mashed Potatoes, and Scallops Scampi with House Made Fettucine; and a special Blueberry Dessert with fruit picked at the height of the season. Pair those incredible flavors with the Club’s outstanding wines and beers and you have the best meal of the summer at the incredible price of $40 per person. Sign up now, as the limit for this evening is 60 people. Beverages at 5:30PM, Dinner at 6:00PM. You can sign up in the Clubhouse or by calling 348 2379.

Wine Wednesday is building as the season heads to a close, Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: The best turnout of the summer occurred at last week’s Wine Wednesday! Forty-three members, friends and guests gathered for conversation, friendship and another great selection of appetizers. The Hattemer family has arrived back on the island. We have awaited their return…. a wonderful surprise when they entered the Great Room. THANK YOU, David Greiwe! How lucky is the ICC to have a member who not only plays the bagpipes but is always willing to share his talent by entertaining a very receptive audience …… a real treat for everyone! Door prize winners last week: Ryan Hayward, Betsy Morgan and Linda Raines.



Three Wine Wednesdays remaining -- please sign-up the next 2 Wednesdays. August 17 and 24. DO NOT MISS THE 8/31 FINALE!! The Social Committee is making plans for a FUN Wine Wednesday end of the season event. In lieu of appetizers, plans are being made for a BBQ…hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, cookies and watermelon. In addition to the BBQ, the Dance Party is happening! To assure plenty of food for all, please sign up if you plan to attend. And then there are door prizes! THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN EVENT! $$$ Donations Welcome. Thank you to those who have already donated.

The Cupola is back on the Clubhouse Roof – with great thanks to Stroud Watson and Roger Bergen, the architect and carpenter who reproduced the historic structure; and to Kenny Wiberg, Ryan Hayward and Keith Hoover, who scaled the roof to place it in its accustomed location. Outstanding work all around. And, yes, we are working to restore a weathervane to its accustomed position atop the cupola.

The cupola restored, thanks to Roger Bergen and Stroud Watson


And in further good news for the rooftop, the chimney has been repaired, relined and recapped and will be ready for use when cool temperatures return. Odds are they will.

Great golf and tennis shirts for the remaining summer days as well as autumn friendly pullovers for men and women have been restocked in the Pro Shop and are available at great prices. We also have a good supply of shirts in kids’ sizes as well as a wide variety of golf balls and other golf accessories.

News of Golf:

The Men’s Club Championship was won by Yvan Dupuy, a new member of the Club, who was so impressed by our course while playing for Blue Hill Country Club, that he chose to join us as well. He has played in Morning and Sunday Golf, and attended several Club events since joining in July. The complete results are provided by Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg (who earns kudos for how well this year’s Club Championship Tournament was managed): Congratulations to the winners in this year’s ICC Men’s Club Championship! We had a well-rounded field, with 10 players in the open division and 11 in the senior division. The Open division was decided by 1 stoke. Yvan Dupuy bested Ken Wiberg 152 to 153 over the 2-day 36-hole tourney while Richard Eaton bested Walt Epply in a two hole playoff this morning 9 to 10 (162 tied 162 after two rounds) for the Senior Championship. All winners are:

ICC Club Champion: Yvan Dupuy 152

Runner-up: Mark Sterritt 154

ICC Net Club Champion: Ken Wiberg 129

Runner-up: Stephen Moore 141

ICC Senior Club Champion: Richard Eaton 162 (playoff win)

Runner-up: Walt Epply 162

ICC Net Senior Club Champion: Dick Newman 136

Runner-up: Myron Curtis 138

Ladies Golf played the first round of their Club Championship, last Tuesday, August 9, with 16 women competing and playing from the Gold tees. This Tuesday they play the final round from the Green tees. As the very circumspect Anne Douglass wrote, “No results yet!” The competitors tee off before 9:00AM while the other members of Ladies Golf play regular golf at 9:00AM.

Twilight League results for August 8 are reported by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

1-Vern Seile (Ethan Shepard sub)/Jim McDonald 18 pts

2- Vito Corsini (Keith Hoover sub)/David Greiwe 17 pts

3- Jim Twitchell (Stephen Moore sub)/Dick Dunham (Dan McLaughlin sub) 15 pts

Pins Hole 3

1- Ethan Shepard 6’

2- Ryan Hayward 10’ 4”

Condolences to Twilight player Jerry Gray, who drew your editor’s score as the one to pair with his when his usual partner was unavailable. He would have lost less with a Mega Millions ticket.

Billings League results for August 11 are reported by Ryan Hayward (about whom please read the Editor’s Note at the end of this edition of the newsletter).

Blue Tees:

1st- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -3

2nd-Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie -2

3rd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -1

4th- Keith Hoover/Peter Grindle -1

5th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald -1

PIN #3

1st- Connor Morey 19 1/2"

2nd- Baren Yurchick 4' 8"

3rd- Richard Eaton 23' 10"


1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 41 pts

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 53 pts

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 68 pts

4th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 72 pts

5th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 72 pts

Scrambles was played on Friday, August 12 and is reported by Co-Commissioner The Honorable Dick (aka The Judge) Newman. Low gross winners with 29 were: Jack Shaw, Ed Black and Mimi Gerstell. Low with 10 on a match of cards were: Stephen Moore, Dave Goddard, Pam Fowler, and Arthur Poitras. Closest to the pin for the women, Carol Shaw @ 31’ 8”. For the men: Jack Shaw @ 14’ 8”.

Going forward, the deadline for signing up for Scrambles is 4:00PM Thursday. The Clubhouse staff will NOT accept signups after that deadline. If you have a sudden desire to play Scrambles when returning from sailing or shopping, or when waking up from your afternoon nap, please email Dick at

The Island Country Club Cup tournament is August 28. Everyone listed in the chart below is eligible to win the ICC Cup. Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg and Tournaments Director Ryan Hayward note that the winner of both the Net & Gross in the ICC Cup tournament will get 200 points added to their current score and the field will also get points based on how they finish in that 18-hole tournament. Good luck to all! The standings after all the Club’s tournaments and other scoring events:

News of Tennis:

Tennis news is reported by the group’s always smashing co-chair Linda Allen: ATTENTION ALL TENNIS PLAYERS! Don’t miss your last chance to participate in a tennis tournament this season! The “Lucky Draw” tournament will be played on Saturday morning at 9:00AM so be sure to sign up by noon on Friday. Players are assigned randomly to mixed doubles teams and a fun round of tennis ensues.


Open Tennis continues Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. It’s a good way to interact with other players who are here for short summer visits as well as year-round residents. All are welcome.

News of Bridge:

Bridge News for August 8 is dealt out by the King of Clubs, Jim Plotts: It must have been Pat Roth's brownies OR we also were presented with cookies from Nancy Greene. Whatever the reason we had a nice turnout of 12 players, making 3 full tables. Close competition and, as always, some pleasant conversation. Looking forward to a nice turnout again tonight.



Editor’s Note: When his phone emitted that special tone yesterday morning, Club Vice President Ryan Hayward didn’t hesitate. Despite leading the Open Division of the Men’s Club Championship, Fire Chief Ryan Hayward aywardjumped into his truck and raced to the scene of that horrific and tragic fire on Fifield Point Road. He spent more than 12 hours there, assisting in putting out the fire, counseling his fellow fireman as they dealt with the tragedy, responding to inquiries from the public. How like Ryan, who the Island’s kids love for his costumes and candy for the Halloween parade; who the adults love for his supervision of the annual Winterfest fireworks; who drives the town’s firetruck in every community wide celebration as well as to lead mourners’ caravans to local cemeteries. And, how like Ryan who, in his “spare time,” captains his lobster boat, does great dad for his daughter, and is a gentleman to residents and visitors alike seeking conversation when he’s on the sidewalks and in the shops in Stonington and Deer Isle. It was Ryan who toiled most of March and April with Keith and the crew to trim brush and remove trees on the course infested with brown tail moths, and who earlier this season identified the risks in our chimney leading to the recent repairs. It has long been said that busy people always find time to be busy for one more thing. Last year, I literally begged Ryan to make our Old Club that one more thing. To our great benefit, he agreed. On Wednesday, he will join me as Co-President of the Island Country Club. I couldn’t be prouder than to serve with this paradigm of a busy man and of an Island citizen.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

A Magnificent Grasp of the Obvious

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As the crew that repaired the old Clubhouse’s chimney was departing last Thursday afternoon, one of the team turned to Annie and said, “don’t use it for three days.” Three days later the Clubhouse thermometer facing the first tee showed 90 degrees just after 12:00 noon – and it may have gone higher, but your editor had a newsletter to write. It’s obvious we won’t be testing that new chimney lining any time soon.


The persistent heat certainly had quite an effect on the activities at the Old Club last week, with diminished participation in the usual play. Combined with what the National Weather Service now calls a severe drought, there also have been impacts on the course and courts that Keith and his crew have been doing an amazing job of managing. Those of us who play golf here in the winter are known to carry awls in our bags to penetrate the frozen tees. They’re back in use for the same tees, now baked hard by the unrelenting sun. It’s obvious the Intrepid Company plays prepared.


Last Friday we bid good trip, good care and good health to Annie, as she left for what is scheduled to be a month of medical care in Boston. She has done her usual great job of getting Patty, Willow and Diana ready to manage the Clubhouse, and, as we knew she would, she made clear she would remain in as much touch and doing as much of her many responsibilities as her care allows. It is obvious how much she cares about the Club, and equally obvious how lucky the Club is that she found us and became our Manager.


And herewith, obviously, is the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Club’s Annual Meeting is Wednesday, August 17 at 4:00PM in the Clubhouse or on the lawn behind the patio, depending on the weather. The agenda begins with an overview by outgoing Co-President Dana Douglass of the past year, operations reviews by Annie (if available) and Keith, a financial Review by David Greiwe and Emily Hawkins, Directors’ presentations (3 minutes each, please) from the Social, Handicap and Rules, Men’s Golf, Tournaments, Ladies Golf and Tennis Committees, and election of Officers and Directors for the coming year. The complete report of the Nominating Committee has been posted in the Clubhouse and on the ICC website. The nominees are:

Executive Committee Officers and Directors:

Co-President 1 – Sam Ostrow (1 year term)

Co-President 2 – Ryan Hayward (2 year term)

Co-Vice President 1 – One Year Term (Vacant)

Co-Vice President 2 – Shaun Webb (2 Year Term)

Treasurer – David Greiwe (1 year term)

Secretary – Mikey Bannister (1 year term)

Board Members/Directors (one year terms):

Building – Vern Seile

Social – Jeannette Parker

Golf Handicap and Rules – Dick Dunham

Long Range Planning – Lee Levant

Golf Tournaments – Ryan Hayward

Men’s Golf – Ken Wiberg

Ladies Golf – To be determined by Ladies Golf

Grounds – Jon Hellstedt

Tennis – to be chosen by Tennis members

At Large – Mike Parker, Walt Epply, Jim Plotts

As noted, the Club’s constitution calls for two Vice Presidents serving staggered terms. The Nominating Committee is seeking a Vice President to serve a one-year term beginning with this year’s election and to be nominated for a two year term as Club President at next year’s Annual Meeting. If you are interested, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee – Linda Stratton, Lee Levant and Sam Ostrow.

Clubhouse hours and services will remain the same while Annie is in Boston. Patty Eaton has the Con (as they say in the submarine business) weekday mornings and, yes, Patty’s word is law. Willow Weed-Eaton and Diana Smith will handle the afternoons, League evenings and weekends – and you don’t want to mess with either of them either. Seriously, they are managing a difficult situation with skill, dedication, patience and great charm. Members should please continue to do the same. The Clubhouse can use one more staffer on call as a fill-in. If you know someone who would like to work in the Clubhouse for the next month (and possibly longer), please let Willow know. Over 21 preferred.


Boots and Barbecue on August 2 was a great success, with over 50 members and guests enjoying Fin & Fern’s smoked brisket, chicken, ribs, sausage and great accompaniments of freshly baked cornbread, Chef Andy’s slaw and potato salad and a banana cream dessert that dissolved tooth enamel instantly.


A Full Plate!


Thanks to Chef Andy, Manager Leslie and Omnipresent Bob

(Linda Stratton Photos)

Tasting the Best of Maine is up next, on August 23. This will be the last in this year’s series of Fin & Fern dinners, with the menu dependent on what Maine’s fishermen and farmers bring to the market in the week before the dinner. Beverages and starters at 5:30PM, dinner at 6:00PM and great eating and conversation for as long as you’d like. Sign up in the Clubhouse or by phone (348 2379) now to assure a place at this sure to be incredible evening. The price will be posted when we know for sure what the market provides.


Wine Wednesday came back strong last week, Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Last week’s Wine Wednesday was a gathering of 30 members, friends and guests. Once again a fabulous selection of appetizers and desserts. Thank you to the many talented cooks that contribute every week to make these gatherings savory and sweet. Door prize winners were Tom Colwell, Beverly Twitchell and Jack Hanson.


Four Wine Wednesdays remaining… This week on August 10, 5:00-6:30PM. Don’t miss this week’s Bagpipe performance by David Greiwe.

Mark Your Calendar for the Last Wine Wednesday of the season – a Dance Party!!! August 31 ~ 5:00-6:30.

Taking your requests for your favorite dance songs. Because of the generosity of anonymous member donations, there will be many GREAT door prizes during this last social event of the summer.



There is NO SMOKING IN THE CLUBHOUSE! None! Nada! Nyet! No! And, as the drought persists, those still doomed to smoke outdoors must be very careful to make sure smoking material is fully extinguished when you are done. The chances of igniting brush or even dried out grass and causing a devastating fire is much too great to ignore.


News of Golf:

The Men’s Club Championship is this coming Saturday and Sunday (August 13-14). There are two Divisions: an Open Group from which the Club Champion will emerge and a Senior Division for men over 65. Signup is on the Men’s Bulletin Board. Saturday’s rounds can be scheduled by the players throughout the day, Sunday’s will be assigned by the Tournament Committee, beginning at 8:00AM depending on placement after the Saturday round. The course will remain open for tee times for all members Saturday, closed until play is completed on Sunday.


Ladies Golf on August 2 is reported by Anne Douglass: The fog dissipated as 20 women gathered to play the Dice Game on Tuesday morning. The Dice game is like a simple Scrambles, but with a more randomized way of determining the first tee shot. Each group gets a die, and before the group starts, two decisions need to happen. Each player picks a number 1-4 (or 1-3 if a three-some). That number is theirs for the whole round. Also, each group figures out some rotation system for who tosses the die, could be using the 1-4 numbers or alphabetically by first name, or whatever. At the first tee box everyone hits a first shot. Then the first person on the rotation tosses the die. If a 1, 2, 3, or 4 comes up, the team has to use the drive of the person assigned that number. If a 5 or 6 comes up, the team can choose which drive to use. Continue playing a regular Scramble format to complete the hole. At the second tee box everyone again hits a first shot. Then the second person on the rotation tosses the die and, based on what number comes up on the die, you follow the same format to figure out which drive to use. Keep driving and then tossing on each tee box to determine the first shots! Mulligans can be used. (Editor’s Note: These rules were obviously developed at Ikea). And after all of that:

First Place - Foursome of Inese Moore, Pam Fowler, Anne Douglass and Lyn Hoopes with a Dice Game score of 30

Second Place - Fivesome of Linda Kimbrell, Paula Cowell, Nancy Eaton, Judy Darby, Jean Hutchinson with a Dice Game score of 34.


In Billings League play on August 4, Chief/Correspondent/Soon to be Co-President Ryan Hayward reports:

Gold Tees

1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt -5

2nd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald -4

3rd- Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile -2

4th- Ethan Shepard/Devin Nevells -2

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -2

PIN #6

1st- Cory McDonald 2' 6"

2nd- Will Morey 2' 11"

3rd- Peter Grindle 3' 4"


1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 34 pts

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 50 pts

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 58 pts

4th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 67 pts

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 72 pts

Twilight League started its second season on August 1, Commissioner Ken Wiberg reports. Scoring is under a modified Stableford format:

1- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 18pts

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 15pts card playoff

3- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15pts

Pins Hole 6

1- Steve Stone 4’8”

2- Luke Hartmann 8’ 4”

Scrambles was played on a Friday as hot as the low putts team’s putters, as reported by Commissioner Mimi Gerstell: Three foursomes competed in the Friday Scrambles on August 5th. Low gross winners at 3 under par on a "card playoff" were Mark Sterritt, Dave Greiwe, Dick Roth, and Julia Martinez. A pittance was awarded for low putts; that went to Lee Levant, Ed Black, Charlie Odenweller, and John Knapp for their admirable score of 9 putts. Scrambles will be played again on Friday, August 12 at 9:00AM. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379, and please provide your handicap index to assure a fair balancing of teams.

News of Tennis:

Ace Correspondent Linda Allen filed this brief report: In tennis news, the warm temperatures have made for some steamy action on the tennis courts. Open Tennis continues Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Guests are welcome to participate for a low fee of only $15. The Mixed Doubles Tournament was cancelled due to a scarcity of players for the competition. If there are interested players, we can try again before the end of the season. Just let me know of your availability.


Tennis courts two and three are being adversely affected by the heat and drought. Because the courts sit on ledge, and are surrounded by closely planted trees, there is residual water trapped underneath them, while the surface is being baked by the unrelenting sun and heat. This results in some pitting, soft spots and excessive heavy dust. Keith and the crew are looking at ways to mitigate the issues this is causing for play on these courts. Patience is requested, as is whatever you can do to bring this area rain and a cool front.


News of Bridge:

“SPARSE CROWD FOR MONDAY NIGHT BRIDGE,” Diamond Jim Plotts, co-commissioner, headlined. “We only had 10 players this past week which makes for difficult playing. Nobody got to play all 3 rounds.” Jim also noted, "Jim Plotts brought store bought cookies, not Pat Roth's homemade brownies. It seemed to have an effect on the turnout."


3110 - Judy Miller

2480 - Steve Gay

1470 - Mimi Gerstell (only 2 rounds)

Bridge will be played tonight in the Clubhouse at 7:00PM. Please arrive by 6:45 to assist in setting up the tables and arranging the rotation of players. $3.00 for members, $5.00 for guests. Mystery refreshments.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

A Sunday Bag

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A Sunday Bag is usually made of canvas, with a hard bottom and a cloth strap slung over the shoulder, used by golfers out for a comfortable round and usually carrying less than the full complement of 14 clubs. Last week at the old Club was somewhat of a Sunday Bag as well. Our COVID restrictions reduced the number of events in and around the Clubhouse, and some members stayed away with health concerns. Maybe things seemed easier because it was just “too darned hot.” Whatever the reason there was a casual sensibility to both the planned and the spontaneous doings of the week – some of which may have important consequences.


The Sunday Bag metaphor came to your editor Saturday when a course evaluator from Golf Digest came to the Club to play 18 holes by himself. He wanted to walk, and he carried with him a very unpretentious Sunday Bag. As he finished his front 9, which he played from the Blue tees, he thought of taking a cart for the back, which he would play from the White. But, as he walked to the first/tenth tee he told us that he found the course so very walkable he would simply remove from his Sunday Bag the clubs he found he wouldn’t need on our course, making his load light enough to enjoy the remaining walk and the play. We have no idea what he will do with his visit, but everyone should know he found our course “delightful,” “very playable,” “beautiful” (except for the really rough rough just beyond the left side fairway bunker on #7), and something “I would recommend.”


We received similar positive comments from John Daniels, the USGA’s consulting agronomist for the Northeastern U.S., who spent half a day with members of the Greens Committee touring the course, discussing our course maintenance and providing guidance on everything from equipment purchases and servicing to clearing some the unnecessarily penal undergrowth from the fescue to more efficient mowing practices to improving the definition of some of our holes. We expect a complete report and set of recommendations in a couple of weeks, but it was great to hear his continual praise of the work Grounds Superintendent Keith Hoover and his crew are performing, especially in this season of persistent drought.


And a personal salute to Keith and the Grounds Crew. After their incredible performance two weeks ago, and the brutal heat and humidity of last week, Keith hoped for a day off on Saturday. But, when he heard an evaluator from Golf Digest was coming to the Club, he and the crew came in early to rake up the bunkers and mow the fairways so that they looked their absolute best. That’s how proud these amazing men and one woman are of this wonderful course, and all of us are honored by their commitment.


And herewith a Sunday Bag of News:


News of the Clubhouse:

There are still a few seats left for Boots and Barbecue on Tuesday evening. Your editor lives a few houses up from Fin & Fern and I can already sense the smoker working on the brisket, chicken and brats Chef Andy Chappell is making just for the Island Country Club. Lots of side dishes, including Andy’s special slaw and Rancho Beans, are also on offer, as well as the Shiner Bock Beer Texan Annie has stocked in our coolest cooler. $35.00 per person, outdoor and indoor seating, 5:30PM beverages and … 6:00PM dinner. Call the Clubhouse at 348 2379 or email with the number in your party.

The luncheon honoring the memory of Ginny Perry will be Tuesday, August 9. Many thanks to Ginny’s daughter and our friend Linda Kimbrell for sparing the Clubhouse staff another two-hour turnaround between a luncheon and a dinner. Details of the luncheon will come to the Club Ladies soon.


While the special COVID restrictions have been lifted, the virus remains very much present in the area, and taking reasonable precautions is very dmuch recommended. Willow and Diana are being very diligent about sanitizing the public areas of the Clubhouse frequently, and they are most often wearing masks for their protection and yours.


Happy Birthday Patty! Your commitment to our protocols, hard work and discipline have been a gift to the Club this entire season, and we hope you enjoy your special day and this year as much as we have enjoyed having you a part of our great team.


And “speaking” of birthdays, this from Manager Annie: “… a thank you from me to everyone if possible for the kindness and support for my birthday last week and for everything. I will never be able to thank everyone enough, but please know I love this place and everyone.”


News of Golf:

Congratulations to Suzanne Banghart, 2022 Ladies Presidents’ Cup Champion, in a tight battle with Anne Douglass which came down to the final hole. Well played. It is important to note that both the Ladies and Men’s Presidents’ Cup championship matches were decided on the 18th hole for women and the 19th for men, competed by players with very disparate handicap indexes. The handicap system works! Post your scores on the GHIN application on the tablet near the Manager’s office or on your mobile device.

Twilight League’s first season ended last week, with Ryan Hayward and Dick Dunham as champions. Last week’s results and season standings are provided by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

Last Week:

1- Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 18 pts

2- Vern Seile/Jim Twitchell(Dan McLaughlin sub) 17 pts

3- Jim McDonald/Jack Shaw(Nick Eaton sub) 15 pts card play-off

Pins Hole 4:

1- Nick Eaton 5’ 8”

2- David Greiwe 5’ 10”

Season 1 Final Standings:

1- Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 143 pts Champions

2- Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 120 pts runner-ups

3- Steve Stone/David Greiwe 104 pts

4- Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 102 pts

4- Jack Shaw/Jim McDonald 102 pts

6- Sam Ostrow/John Thompson III 96 pts

7- Steve Smith/Richard Eaton 86 pts

8- Lee Levant/Jerry Gray 84 pts

9- Myron Curtis/Ed Black 79 pts

10- Mark Sterritt/Kendall McGuffie 74 pts

Season 2 of Twilight League begins tonight. Same game, different partners!

The Masonic Marine Lodge 4 Person Scramble on July 31 was a great success. The course was full of foursomes, the tees were festooned with advertising support from many local businesses, and the play was hard fought on yet another hot, muggy morning in Maine. Thanks to Vern Seile for all the work to reschedule this important traditional fundraiser for youth sports organizations on the Island. And thanks, also. to Willow Weed-Eaton and Diana Smith for their graciously handling the rush of sign-ins and the constant stopping in for more beverages on a really muggy day.


First Low Gross at 58 strokes (10 under par!) went to Ryan Hayward, Ken Wiberg, Cory Webb and John Thompson; Second was the foursome of Mark Sterritt, Steve Moore, Charlie Odenweller and newcomer Ivan Dupuy. Low Net was won by Connor Morey, Will Morey, Bry Ciomei and Baren Yurchick at 51, followed by Lee Levant, David Greiwe, Luke Hartman and Dan McLaughlin at 52. Ryan Hayward’s shot on #4 was only 2’4” from the cup, followed by Connor Morey at 5’7”.


Ladies Golf for July 26 is reported by Mikey Bannister: We had 14 participants on Tuesday. We abbreviated the play in consideration of the COVID issue. All participants met outside the Clubhouse where attendance was taken, and players were sent out to their respective holes to play. We were only tracking putts for the day’s contest. 1st place was a tie between Eliza Childs and Paula Colwell with 15 putts. 3rd place went to Linda Rand with 16 putts. Congratulations ladies. We look forward to next week and hope for a good turnout.

Billings League results for July 28 are reported by Ryan (He’s Winning Everything) Hayward:


1st- Ethan Shepard/Devin Nevells -3

2nd- Luke Hartmann/Nick Eaton -2

3rd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -1

4th- Richard Eaton/Terry Seibert -1

5th- Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile E

PIN #4

1st- Connor Morey 9' 8"

2nd- Luke Hartmann 15' 0”

3rd- Richard Eaton 16' 6"


1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 34 pts.

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 43 pts.

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 56 pts.

4th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 58 pts.

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 67 pts.

Scrambles on Friday, July 29 is reported by Co-Commissioner Dick Newman, who always tells it like it is: “Only 11 participants in the Howdy Thompson. At 2 under, the team of Mark Sterritt, John Plotts and Arthur Poitras won. With 13 putts the team of Walt Epply, Charlie Odenweller, Dick Newman and Marie Epply won. Doubtful that we’ll repeat with such a poor turnout.”

Scrambles will be played on Friday, August 5 at 9:00AM. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379. This weekly game is a Club tradition that goes way, way back. Try it, you might like it.

News of Tennis:

Tennis news is reported by Smashing Correspondent (and Tennis Co-Director) Linda Allen: It’s almost time for the Mixed Doubles Club Championship at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Find a partner and join in on this special event! The sign-up sheet is on the tennis bulletin board. This tournament is open to members only.


The rescheduled Lucky Draw tournament, however, is open to visitors as well as members. It will be held on Saturday, Aug. 20th at 9:00 am. Don’t miss out on this fun event!


This week’s Open Tennis attracted a couple staying on Mt. Desert Island who have traveled in an RV from the West Coast. They are tennis enthusiasts who were thrilled to be able to play in our friendly round robin session. You never know who might show up! This week’s Open Tennis times are Wednesday from 9:00 to noon and Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00. Come and join us!

News of Bridge:

Bridge was not played last week because of the COVID restrictions, but it will resume tonight at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. Please arrive by 6:45 to help in determining the number of tables to be played. Refreshments are likely. $3.00 for members, $5.00 for guests.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large

Unsyncopated Rhythms

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One of the lessons your editor has learned in over 30 years of membership in the Old Club is that every week has its own rhythm. Most are metronomic – with their own steady pace, with regularly scheduled “beats” with timed rests in between – the gigue movements of many Bach partitas. Some are like listening to Arnold Schoenberg – you’re never sure what you’re going to hear next, or when? Some maintain a beautiful, haunting slowness throughout – Barber’s Adagio for Strings. And some build, accelerate and burst out of their precise rhythms into a wall of complex, interwoven melodies and tones, creating a magnificent whole – the final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth. Last week was very Adagio. This coming week -- Roll over Beethoven …


Tell Tchaikovsky the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Island Country Club is saddened by the death this past Saturday of Rick Githens. Rick was a great friend to all of Men’s Golf, in which he played regularly, and his sense of humor and well chosen epithets were especially appreciated on those January and February mornings when he insisted on teeing it up with the Intrepid Company of Island Country Club golfers. Rick and his son, Trevor, last came to the Club a week ago Sunday, when many of us had the chance to wish him well in his valiant and courageous battle against an exceptionally painful disease. That he could still smile and make us laugh is a testament to the man we will long remember. Our condolences to his wife Kathy, to Trevor, to his family and to his many friends in Pennsylvania and elsewhere who had the chance to enjoy him in his many travels. Rick was a Quaker, and so, to all who mourn this unique spirit, one word -- Peace.

The July Board Meeting is Wednesday at 4:00PM in the Clubhouse. The agenda includes a Manager’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and reports from the Club’s Committees; updates of work in the Clubhouse and on the course; and a report on the work of the Nominating Committee as it recommends officers and directors to be approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting on Aug.17.

The Ladies Tri-Club Golf and Luncheon is Tuesday, and the Men’s Eggemoggin Cup and Luncheon is Thursday. The golf course will be closed until competition in each ends, around noon. The Clubhouse staff will be assisting our visitors from the Blue Hill and Castine clubs and helping set up and supporting the luncheons. The indulgence of all members is requested.


The Night in an Italian Ristorante ( Tuesday evening) is Sold Out – at 70 seats. Our friends at Fin & Fern are already in their kitchen, preparing a classic Italian 5 course dinner. Annie has laid in the perfect Italian wines to accompany such a meal and we are looking forward to one of the largest dinner gatherings in recent Club history. A reminder to all guests – cocktails, beverages and pizzettes at 5:30PM; dinner at 6:00PM. Buon Appetito!


Cash and Checks are preferred in the Pro Shop for all events, at least temporarily. We are having some issues with the credit/debit card reader, which sometimes requires multiple swipes. We are working with the vendor for a solution, but until it’s fixed cash or checks will minimize delays when you arrive for events.


Last week’s Wine Wednesday was a gathering of 32 members and guests for another fun evening at the Island Country Club. Again, appetizers took center stage with a great array of tasty treats provided by our many talented cooks. Dancing to The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and a few random requests was slow to start, however, when it did, many hit the dance floor … so much fun. Door prize winners this week were Kate B., Stan S. and Pat Roth.


Last week’s Wine Wednesday was a gathering of 32 members and guests for another fun evening at the Island Country Club. Again, appetizers took center stage with a great array of tasty treats provided by our many talented cooks, Dancing to The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, and a few random requests was slow to start, however, when it did, many hit the dance floor… so much fun! This Wednesday marks the halfway point for scheduled Wine Wednesdays. You’re missing all the fun! Doorprize winners this week were Kate B., Stan S., and Pat Roth.

Breaking News: Scientists find that drinking wine in moderation is better than being unhappy!

Wine Wednesday – July 20 – 5:00-6:30

Friends – Appetizers – Doorprizes

*Family and visiting guests welcome*

Swing by fore a fun time!

The median age in this image is …. Thanks to Rob Groundwater (and, wow, could we use some more groundwater given the drought) for this wonderful image of Joe Bruno and Bill Darby, smiling after yet another round of golf and conversation.

The new tee marker plaques are a beautiful addition to our grounds, as well as informative to those new to the course, or playing from an unfamiliar tee. Many thanks to Dick Dunham, who caddied this project through skillfully, and to Dick and Vern Seile (with an assist from Ken Wiberg), who did the challenging work in mounting the new plaques, and the advertising plaques from our great local businesses, to the granite markers.


Tee Times are Mandatory for Members and Visitors for Friday afternoons and all day Saturday and Sunday. Walk-ons at those times have no precedence. Disobeying a staff member by butting on to a tee will lead to disciplinary action. And every member and guest must sign in when arriving at the Club to play golf or tennis.

News of Golf:

The annual Member-Member Tournament was held Sunday, July 17, on a day that evolved from comfortable to downright sweaty (glistening for the Ladies playing). The Men’s 18 hole best ball event was competed by twelve twosomes. Leading the way for the Gross Score prize was the pair of Richard (50th Anniversary) Eaton and Keith (he set the pins) Hoover at 71. They were followed by Jim Plotts and Dan McLaughlin at 73. First Net went to the pair of David Greiwe and Dick Newman at 58, followed by John Shanklin and Jon Hellstedt at 60. Closest to the Pin on #3 was won by Lee Levant at 6’0” followed by Jack Shaw at 10’ 0”. In the Ladies Division, with only two twosomes competing, Low Net for the nine hole event was won by Inese Moore and Carol Shaw at 28! Well played, all!

Twilight League results for June 11 are reported by Ken Wiberg:

1- Myron Curtis/Ed Black 18 pts

2- Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 17 pts

3- Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 16 pts

Pins Hole 6:

1-Lee Levant 21’ 6”

2- Kendall McGuffie 23’ 5”

Twilight League will play tonight at 4:00PM, weather permitting – we could use the forecast rain that always seems to miss the Island.

Ladies Golf on June 12 is reported by Sharon Hellstedt: Ladies played Bingo, Bingo, Bongo - Everyone played their own ball. On each hole a point was given to the first ball on the green, a point to the ball closest to the pin once everyone’s ball was on the green, a point for the first putt to go in the hole.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo Winners:

1st - Mikey Bannister (13)

2nd - Lisa Haynesworth (10)

3rd - Ellen Foote (9)

Emily Hawkins (9)

Linda Rand (9)

Paula Colwell (9)

Regular Golf Score Winners:

1st - Sharon Hellstedt (46)

2nd - Ellen Foote (47)

3rd - Paula Colwell (49)

Low Putts:

Emily Hawkins (10)

Scrambles on July 15 is reported by Dick “Judge” Newman: 16 scramblers. Low gross: 31 with the winners on a match of cards Mark Sterritt, Bill Whitman, Dick Newman and Mikey Bannister. Low putts: 12 by the foursome of Dan McLaughlin, Dave Greiwe, Karol Greiwe, and Carol Shaw. Weather was a 10. Scrambles will be played again on Friday, July 22, signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379. Please provide your Handicap Index to help the commissioners create evenly balanced teams. And remember, The Howdy Thompson Scramble will be Friday, July 29.

The Island Employee Cooperative/Burnt Cove Market Tournament is SATURDAY, July 23. This is a two person event with Men’s (18 hole) and Women’s (9 hole) Divisions. A shotgun start at 8:30. You can still signup to compete in this great annual tournament and support this important Island business. The market is providing a hamburger/hot dog lunch. Entry fee is $25.00.

The rescheduled Masonic Marine Lodge Four Person Scramble is Sunday, July 31. Even if your foursome remains intact from the rained out June date, you must re-register on the signup sheets in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379. This is an 18 hole event for Men, 9 holes for women, with the prize pools determined by the number of players in each Division. Entry fee is $25.00.

May the golf gods bless our Tri-Club and Eggemoggin Cup players. The women play this event largely for the friendship long enjoyed with their fellow players at Castine Golf Club and Blue Hill Country Club. For the ICC men, defending the Eggemoggin Cup, proudly displayed in our Trophy Case for eight of the nine past years, is an important part of the season.

Fix your and one other ball mark on the greens! Rake the bunkers and replace the rakes into them! Place sand in divots on fairways and tees! Don’t hit into other groups! Respect Tee Times!

News of Tennis:

This past weekend’s scheduled Lucky Draw Tournament has been postponed, co-director and late night devotee Linda Allen reports. “Some of the participants had last minute conflicts.” The new date will be Saturday, August 20th at 9:00 am. Another sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board.


Another upcoming tournament will be the Mixed Doubles Club Championship on August 6th. Be sure to reserve your place and vie for the chance to get your name on the trophy!


As usual, Open Tennis continues on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Come on over for this friendly round robin format.


News of Bridge:

Bridge news is shuffled and dealt this week by Pat Roth: 8 players were at the tables tonight. We enjoyed a full night of bridge and enjoyed the brownies made by this ace reporter. The scores ranged from a high of 2480 to a low of 470! We were happy to welcome the return of 2 regular players to Monday night bridge, Don Powell and Steve Bralove. And we welcomed a new player from Stonington, Judy Miller. The top 3 players were Steve Bralove with a score of 2480, Annie Holland with a score of 2080, and Don Powell with the next highest score of 1860. Bridge will be played again tonight at 7:00PM, $3.00 for members, $5.00 for guests. Please arrive by 6:45 to help organize the play for a prompt first deal.


Editor’s Note: I do not understand people who disrespect or disobey our Clubhouse staff and Grounds Crew. What do they not know about how hard it was to find these outstanding women and men who work so hard for us? What eludes those who can’t control their behavior about how impossible it will be to replace any of our team?

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large